"Nothing can dim the light that shines within" 

Maya Angelou

Fed up feeling completely overwhelmed with menopausal symptoms.  Burnt out with that unsettling flutter of anxiety pitting itself in your stomach.  Well it's time to access The Boon Method, and boost your wellbeing and potential.

The Boon Method is either a 1week (specific such as anxiety), 4 week (short course) or 12 week programme that gives you the tools to transform how you manage menopausal symptoms.  Physically, mentally and emotionally, this course empowers you to take control, and to enact change from the deepest level within so that you can effectively manage feelings such as anxiety, depression, hot flushes, and sleep deprivation.

By taking a three pronged approach utilising meditation, mind body movement, and techniques that elicit the Relaxation Response, you are able to moderate your response to the challenge of menopause.    Over the 12 weeks, each week focuses on one specific symptom of perimenopause/menopause, and 'tool's are learnt for that week to support you on your journey.   As the lead up to the menopause can take several years, these practices are then embodied within you so that you can access them whenever you need them. 

'It's a commitment from me to you, but fundamentally it's a commitment from you to yourself to invest and protect your most important asset; your health'


Make the most worthy investment you'll make this yourself.