These sessions are dictated by what you need.  Everyone is different, so you may be the kind of person that requires a lot of movement first in order to unwind, followed by a deep relaxation.  Or perhaps you've been very physically stressed and therefore we would focus more on developing breath awareness, and using gentle movement and meditation to directly address your needs or concerns.  The first session is usually 1.5 hrs (30 mins consultation).  These classes can be accessed by all, whether you need more attention in general, are pregnant, or are an anxious teen.

Pregnancy yoga focuses on maintaining the wellbeing of the mother throughout her pregnancy.   Motherhood is a time of great joy, but also for many apprehension and unease about her changing body, trepidation about the birth, and an emotional hormonal rollercoaster.  Through a modified gentle physical practice the mother can find more ease and acceptance in her changing body.  Breathing practices help with relaxation and can also be used in preparation for labour.  Meditation and deep relaxation practices enable the mother to rest, as she works hard to quite literally make a baby!  These classes can be taken as individual bespoke, a group class, or as a five day intensive (one class a day) prep for birth and motherhood. Bryony has also led NHS parent craft clinics for new parents to be in Somerset.



Hatha vinyasa is a combination of two different styles of yoga.  Hatha which means physical yoga involves holding poses (asanas) for a duration of time, where as vinyasa yoga combines breath with movement so it quite literally flows from pose to pose.  The combination allows for warmth to be created in the body, whilst spending more time when needed to really understand certain postures and spend time in them.  A thorough way of strengthening, stretching and toning the body both inside and out.   

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