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The Relaxation Pod is a haven that uses mindfulness, meditation and gentle mind body connection techniques to enhance your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.   We focus on groups that are going through change in society such as teenage, pregnancy, postnatal or menopausal.  Each group is facing physical, mental and emotional challenges and we provide the tools to transform your journey from one of fear, confusion and lack of control, into the ability to manage and reduce the severity of your symptoms and  enable you to feel empowered and in control of your future.

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I cannot recommend Bryony and her yoga classes enough.  An atmosphere of peace and calm, her classes are both subtle and vigorous.  Skilled and sensitive to individual needs and with the most soothing voice which makes all the stresses of everyday life just melt away.  Yoga is a gift for ones-self and Bryony is a gift to yoga.


— Tessa de Cordova - Hatha Vinyasa 

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Bryony Lloyd

I have been practising yoga for 25 years, and teaching for 15.  I have used its many forms (from Iyengar to Ashtanga to restorative) to support me through transitions in life be it the stress of exams at university or sleepless nights in motherhood.

As a lifelong learner I have made sure I am as qualified as I can be so that I can teach others with confidence.  I have a BWY Diploma and have trained with Jason Crandell in Vinyasa and specialised in Pregnancy, Postnatal and Teenage Yoga.  I am also an iRest Level 1 certified teacher Yoga Nidra (a meditation technique suitable for accessing deep relaxation and peace for those suffering with PTSD).

With the increasing over stimulation on everyday life, I wanted to create an environment that leaves you feeling physically restored through a good practice, but also emotionally more connected to yourself, and truly rested using the most relevant yoga techniques.  This is how I teach at the Relaxation Pod.     Namaste x

Forest Trees

Inhale the future, exhale the past

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Frequently asked questions

What if I've never meditated before?

It doesn't matter if you've never done meditation before. The most important thing is not to worry about it; to come to the practice with a open mind. To realise that it doesn't matter if you fidget, or your mind wanders and you can't stop thinking about dinner. I would never expect you to go to a ballet class and be in pointe shoes immediately. Meditation enables you to focus the mind, (it's a form of discipline) and in doing so will bring mental clarity and with it more access to a calmer state of mind and being. If you want to find out more about meditation then go to my blog for a detailed account.

Why is your approach any different from anyone else out there?

I focus on hormonal groups: teenager, pregnant and postnatal women and perimenopausal and menopausal women. Each group is going through the same process. Their bodies are changing, they feel discombobulated, out of control, anxious about what the future will hold and scared. I have spent years supporting teenagers through connecting to their identity and the same is true of a pregnant woman about to become a mother, or a menopausal woman wondering what the next decade will determine for her.


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