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Bryony Lloyd

I have been practising yoga for 25 years, and teaching for 13.  I have used its many forms (from Iyengar to Ashtanga to restorative) to support me through transitions in life be it the stress of exams at university or sleepless nights in motherhood.

As a lifelong learner I have made sure I am as qualified as I can be so that I can teach others with confidence.  I have a BWY Diploma and have trained with Jason Crandell in Vinyasa and specialised in Pregnancy, Postnatal and Teenage Yoga.  I am also training in iRest Yoga Nidra with Richard Miller (a meditation technique suitable for those suffering with PTSD).

With the increasing over stimulation on everyday life, I wanted to create an environment that leaves you feeling physically restored through a good practice, but also emotionally more connected to yourself, and truly rested using the most relevant yoga techniques.  This is how I teach at the Relaxation Pod.     Namaste x


Bryony shares her love and passion for yoga ina really accessible and genuine way.  Her classes are thoughtfully tailored and differentiated for the group and she is very good at offering much needed adjustments at the right time.  If I had to picture the perfect yoga voice it would be Bryony's, her relaxations are dreamy at the end of a class.  Above all, Bryony has a great awareness of how to make yoga choices accessible and realistic for everyone and cuts through any yoga speak in order to help people find what they need.  At the same time she does share her holistic knowledge of yoga practice so that you come away having learnt something valuable.  I only wish I could have a class with her everyday!

Dom Berner/ Hatha Vinyasa Yoga

"we've now got these amazing skills from Bryony's teaching for the times when we are alone and worried and need to find a place of calm and rationality within ourselves.  I am so so thankful to have had these classes before this labour, and they've really helped with the recovery too"

Elly Webb / Pregnancy Yoga

"I cannot recommend Bryony highly enough as a yoga teacher.  Extremely skilled in her craft, it does not matter how experienced you are in yoga, as Bryony is always aware of those in her class and adapts her lessons accordingly, providing a variety of options for the poses that she demonstrates.  This means that you feel safe to push yourself to the 'sweet pain' that means you are extending your flexibility within safe parameters. Most memorable from Bryony's lessons is her calming voice, which encourages all, and enables you to really relax and enjoy your yoga to its fullest extent. The music that she selects adds to the tranquil atmosphere that pervades her classes.   I always leave her lessons feeling more relaxed, rejuvenated and flexible than when I started"

Helen Cowie / Hatha Vinyasa Yoga

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